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Cerezal Multiservice S.L. Is a firm existing since 1995, integrated of professional people specialised in the various fields in which our clients could need advice. Our experience and qualifications allow us to offer our clients an efficient, rapid and complete service.


We think that communication is a priority. With the objective of keeping our clients punctually informed, we maintain a permanent contact, be it by phone, fax or e-mail. In this respect another imoportant point is our trilingual staff (English, German, Spanish). Communication between firm and client is vital.


Although at the beginning each business is assigned to a member of our team according to his specialty, each business is treated by all the firm's members all the time, with the purpose of offering in this way a studied result fromm all the view points, in basing ourselves on good team work.


Trust between firm and client is fundamental and is one of our main concerns. Our strong point is to serve our clients professionally and independently in all aspects, as our wide portfolio of clients proves. Our slogan is “our clients are our best publicity”.


One of our clients' main requirements is that of a positive result in the researches and tasks they commend us. Cerezal Multiservice S.L. may assure you of the reliability of the commitments we acquire with our clients. Our objective is to obtain the best result in each case.


Our human team is mainly formed by various persons with specialisations in various fields:

Yolanda Cerezal Egido is our manager of the firm, an expert in all the fields of our wide range of services. Adviser in all types of formalities and who is mainly in charge of legal advice, preparation, following up and attainment of any contract or work carried out by our firm. It is she who usually attends to foreign clients thanks to her being trilingual (German – Spanish – English). Mobile phone: 607.503991

Susana Quintana Muñoz, our sales manager; excellent adviser in any business connected with the purchase and sale or renting dwellings in the area of the Eastern Costa del Sol. Not only will she give the best advice, but she will also study each individual case in order to find the ideal dwelling according to your personal situation (area, price, type of dwelling, etc...) Mobile phone: 617.227495

Christian Andreas Isenberg, one of our experts in computer science, in charge of our firm's publicity, of the computarised treatment of data and the carrying out of the various administrative tasks and dealing with Official Organisations. Our colleague also gives repair services, improvements, maintenance, etc..., as much in Spanish as German and English. He is also one of our translators (not official) in German-Spanish, and an expert in vehicles importation from Germany. Mobile phone: 670.639511

Antonio Cerezal Caballero, our official translator and interpreter in German-Spanish, sworn by the Foreign Office, for the Eastern Costa del Sol. He has a wide experience of more than 40 years, among them in the Spanish Consulate in Düsseldorf (Germany).

Florentina Fernandez Carrillo, our expert cleaner, in charge of cleaning and maintaining dwellings and buildings. We give fixed weekly, monthly services as well as sporadic cleanings.

Besides our five members we have practically continuously three or four more employees who are carrying out practicals with us after their theoretical formation, in order to obtain their degrees and who assist us in all the work we effectuate in the firm.


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